ANIME | national première

On Sunday 2 July 2023, Compagnia Atacama presents its new production ANIME as part of Paesaggi del Corpo International Contemporary Dance Festival, organised by the Associazione La Scatola dell’Arte in Velletri.

The input of this creation is the concept of LIVING, developed through the relationship between human being and space and the influence of history and the characteristics of the place on the person. Living as an essential condition of existence that is not just a being, but first and foremost a being. The theme is declined in space, architecture and interaction with the body. The Poetry of Place in dialogue with the Poetry of the Body. The choreographic writing plays with architectural elements, levels, solids and voids, near and far. A creation that finds its identity in the site specific, a performative action that fits into a specific place.

More info: ANIME


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