As a Child Abandoned in the Wardrobe Mirror

13 years, 1 month, 2 days

I did it! I let the sheet covering the mirror on my wardrobe fall and I looked at myself! I clenched my fist, took a deep breath, opened my eyes, and I LOOKED AT MYSELF! It was as if I were seeing myself for the first time. It wasn’t really me inside it. It was my body, but it wasn’t me. It wasn’t even a friend. I kept repeating: “You are me? You, me? This is us?” My reflection really did seem like a child abandoned in my wardrobe. This sensation is absolutely true. When I let the sheet fall, I knew whom I would see, but I was surprised nonetheless, as if that boy were a statue abandoned there long before I was born. I stayed looking at him for a long time. Daniel Pennac, “Diary of a Body”

Concept, choreography and direction: Patrizia Cavola, Ivan Truol

Cast: Valeria Baresi, Giorgio Iacono, Valeria Loprieno, Cristina Meloro, Sabrina Rigoni

Original music composition: Epsilon Indi

Costumes: Medea Labate

Set design: Giulia Trefiletti

Lighting: Danila Blasi

Artistic residency: La Scatola dell’Arte

Production: Atacama, supported by MiBACT Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism) – Performing Arts Department

A dancetheatre performance and a journey within the body. Through our body we exist in the world, we have a base and a weight. It is a sensor, a messenger, a vehicle and memory; it is generous in surprises, rich in marvellous discoveries, greatness and miseries; in making us similar, it unifies us as great and vulnerable human creatures. Living the surprise of the first sight, of the first perception of a sensation or emotion. Discovering a part of ourselves, how it works, how it makes us feel.

Looking at ourselves in the mirror for the first time

The body parts

The other




Moved bodies, thrown bodies, carried bodies, sculpted bodies, revealed bodies, exposed bodies.


Production 2014