The work’s theme is the chaos and the mechanisms of power. 

Chaos as confusion, loss, and difficulty of making choices. 

The chaos that is inside us and leaves us breathless.  

The chaos around us, that makes us confused and victims or bystanders of an ancient, cosmic war. 

Chaos is tied up with power and things involved with creation. Above all, it is the power of the relation between an individual and a group, for example the power of one man on a population or, on the contrary, the one of a crowd that overwhelms and obstructs individual expression. 

Choreography and Direction: Patrizia Cavola, Ivàn Truol 

Interpreters: Patrizia Cavola, Rozen Corbel, Gea Lucetti, Luna Marongiu, Ivàn Truol, Marco Ubaldi. 

Original Music: Epsilon Indi 

Costumes: Giovanna Lombardo 

Light Design: Danila Blasi 

A woman loses something each time she passes through the crowd, each contact is a theft, each interaction leaves her lonelier, more naked, and deprived. 

The crowd, of which she is a part, is like an army, men and women armoured and blinded, who make exercises of power: they devour, crush, compete and fight. One against the others, all against one, herd of predators eating their meal.  

Fighting is a vertigo, a vortex, a whirl that quickly turns the need of loving into possesing and devouring… The need to express, to assert oneself until reducing the others to nothing. 

While, hand in hand, they search for support and comfort, individuals cannot move freely. 

Hidden behind the shadow of someone else, they direct their movements and feeling, shielding and, at the same time, projecting on them their own expectations and desires. 

Guided, manipulated and deafened by voices that come from inside and outside, they laboriously try to set out on a path. 

Exposed to the disaster, they incur the shout of the emperor. 

Costumes, hand-painted by Giovanna Lombardo, transform the interpreters in armoured mock-ups, exposed as if they were naked and, at the same time, protected like medieval warriors. 


Production 2006