From the South

An overturned reality, at the south of the world, where seasons are reversed, an extreme land, with no half measures, exuberant and excessive, where the extreme takes place, where a kindled humanity vibrates, rich in voicing the movements of the soul, beating in its opposites.  

Direction and Choreography: Patrizia Cavola – Ivàn Truol 

With: Patrizia Cavola – Ivàn Truol

Original music: Epsilon Indi

Lights: Danila Blasi

Costumes: Rita Patritti

A heart beats uncontrollably, girls’ smiling walks, the eternal attempt of conquering, a world of mijito, niñito, gordito, angelito… 

The night is broken by a magic sound of pots, a woman, remained all alone, calls the disappeared person’s name.  

They say in that days a new hate was rising within them, lately invented, in a few hours. 

“Dal Sud” comes out from a work on the imaginary, the thoughts, the emotions of a travel in South America, it opens with some pictures that evoke and report sounds and tastes of that south of the world which is Chile, but also of each south and of the interior’s one, which lives in us like a certain quality of the human soul. 

Red and orange lights, roses between the lips, red hearts, overflowing on the hands, a man and a woman offer themselves to the audience and set off for the ancient games of seduction and conquer. 

Smiles, lightness and irony are abruptly interrupted by screams, shots, broken glasses, just like life and day are interrupted by war and night. 

Now is the time of horror, gratuitous violence, and outrage. 

After the pain and the loss… the new start.  

At the end, the echo of an army of sellers. 


Production 1997