The Bed

This creation arises from an intimate place which is part of an interior, the cama in Spanish, the bed. 

As if another space-time dimension did not exist, everything happens on /under/in/around the bed. 

On the bed there are birth and death,  love, illness, rest and madness. 

By and with: Patrizia Cavola – Ivàn Truol 

Original music: Epsilon Indi 

Scenography: Marione Capucci 

Costumes: Mariella Visalli 

Lights: Danila Blasi 

Production: Atacama 

Collaborations: Lazio Region Directorate for the Promotion of Culture, Shows, Tourism and Sports. 

The Bed is a bridge to the unconscious, a place of sleep, dream and nightmare. 

A Place of senses, desire, passions, and transgressions. 

A big part of our life – its most important side – takes places on, in or around a bed.  

So the bed becomes a whole world, a unique place, and a pretext for inspiration. Prison, or refuge. 

Two characters, a man and a woman, and the obscure world of those who live under the bed… 

The sleep and the waking up, dreams and nightmares, loneliness, love, desire, passion, embarrassment, discomfort, rejection, and sickness. 

Reality and dream get confused, who is real? Those who dream or the object of their dream? And moreover, is it the dreamer who is dreaming the object of his dream or vice versa, is it the object of the dream that is dreaming to be the one who dreams? 

Inquiring into the human being, to defy the vertigo that derives from looking at our inner side. 

Actions, images and situations freely flow, they are associated without respecting the plot’s consistency and the logical laws of the narration.  

The bed and its quality direct the search towards physical language, movement and choreographic experimentation. 

The atmosphere is ironic, grotesque and tragicomic.


Production 2001