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The Bed by Maria Cristina Buttà

“La Cama”, with Patrizia Cavola and Ivàn Truol, good dancers who are also its authors, expresses dynamics and feelings urged by the relation between the bed, object on stage on which this work is based, and who occupies it.

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The Bed by Alberto Testa

In dealing with this theme, the two artists face the problems of a systematical study of movement, dynamics, impulses, therefore of modern dance. And they are able to achieve their goal.

Patrizia Cavola is a type, a character, with her sharp, triangular face, she is a dancer of character who doesn’t hesitate to mortify her body, unusual case among us, to break or tangle the lines to express embarrassment or torment. Ivàn Truol is a sure fibre of actor, with his dazzled and bewildered face, he moves very well using mimes’ drolleries. This is unusual too. That an actor could “do” … Read More

From The South by Jaime Chomali

We had the possibility to look at the great staging talent of our countryman Ivàn Truol, dancer and actor who delighted us with the performance ‘Dal Sud’. Directed and choreographed by himself and by his stage mate Patrizia Cavola, they had rapidly conquered the audience with dynamism, expressive strength and body control. To have him here is a luxury.
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From The South by Claudia Allasia

Dal Sud was the title of the exciting first appearance performance of the review, yesterday presented with success by Patrizia Cavola and Ivàn Truol’s Atacama Company. Their first production is a love story told through words and gestures, with an excellent technique and a particular expressive sensibility.
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From The South by Valeria Ottolenghi

New rhythms of the heart, emotions with high physical density, thanks to “Dal Sud”  by Atacama company … The two characters are very good, with particular, expressive sensitivity in their movements of dance theatre. At the end, it seemed the audience’s applauses would not dry up.
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From The South by Massimo Consorti

Ivàn Truol, the actor-dancer, is a Chilean moved to Italy. He lives the story with the same emotional intensity probably felt by his people, adding a fully Latin feeling, filtered by an excellent technique. Patrizia Cavola had simply amazed us for her mastery and acting ability in a not easy text (for its intensity) and in a dance strongly conditioned by dramatic force.
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