An investigation of women’s soul and of a spiritual revelation; an exploration of the state of being exposed, with no protection, skinless.

She is passed through and passes through

She is propelled and propels

Everything enters, insinuates itself, modifies

She is perturbed, imperturbable

Obstinate, indomitable

Concept, choreography and direction: Patrizia Cavola (in collaboration with Ivan Truol)

Cast: Valeria Baresi, Anna Basti, Valeria Loprieno

Voice over and collaboration: Patrizia Hartman

Original music composition: Epsilon Indi

Costumes: Mariella Visalli

Costumes assistant: Daniela Petumia

Lighting: Danila Blasi

Artistic residency: La Scatola Dell’Arte

Production: Atacama, supported by MiBACT Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism) – Performing Arts Department

Co-production: CORE – Coordinamento Danza Contemporanea e Arti Performative del Lazio for the project Officina COREografica 2010 with the support of Regione Lazio Assessorato Cultura Arte e Sport

Regione Lazio/ Officina Culturale della Tuscia

A performance made of bodies, spaces and lights.

Strength and fragilty, courage and fear: the theme is the discovery that these different qualities and states often coexist and are inextricably intertwined.

A single creature capable of extreme strength and extreme fragilty, extreme courage and extreme fear. Strength, or the capacity to face one’s own fragility, courage or the awareness and the capacity to confront one’s own fears.

The study is of the female relation with these qualities, the aim is to focus on the fragility of the hero, of the female warrior.

The study concentrates on and around the spirit containing both the nature of the undaunted hero and the condition of being exposed, defenseless, skinless.

There is something marvelous, moving, special in being ready to reveal oneself without defenses, barriers, masks, in that state of fragility that, because of this, acquires an unequalled strength. This is the condition of expression we are aiming to attain.

What happens to the body in passing from a condition of strength to a condition of fragility? In what way does the muscular condition change, the weight, the density, the speed, how does movement through space change, the taking of a direction? This state of exposure, of spiritual revelation, what quality does it give to movement?

The theme contains opposition: this creates dramatic interest, the conflict of opposites gives life to matter.

The need is to travel in one’s own nature, in one’s different states of mind.

The choreographic project aims at combining the elaboration of a dance giving birth to physical poetry with a visionary and pictorial creation of images, as well as with the use of words and the interaction with the original music. Outside of any narrative scheme, the evocative force of images takes form, the vision becomes concrete.


Production 2010