Instructions to Make Ourselves Unhappy

The performance is freely inspired to “Instructions to make ourselves unhappy” by Paul Watzlawick, a hilarious manual to learn how to make ourselves unhappy. An ironic mirror allowing us to look at the mechanisms we daily use to build our unhappiness – between the amusement and the discomfort of recognizing ourselves.  

Direction and Choreography: Patrizia Cavola, Ivàn Truol 

With: Patrizia Cavola, Rozen Corbel, Ivàn Truol, Marco Ubaldi. 

Live musician: Marco Ubaldi 

Original music: Epsilon Indi 

Costumes: Mariella Visalli 

Lights: Danila Blasi 

Video Direction and editing: Sergio De Vito 

Operators and Sounds: Marco Fiata – Mirco De Vito (Arimvideo) 

In 2007 the performance was awarded the

“Theatre” Prize Città di Aversa 2007

The ways are unlimited: it’s possible to trigger off mechanisms that are useful to destroy our love relationship, as well as every human relationship; it’s possible to force ourselves to be faithful at all costs to ourselves, making it impossible to interact or to live in harmony with the rest of the world; it’s possible to live in suspicion and with mistrust towards the others; making barricades with our convictions and cultural laws, refusing everything that is foreign, different and therefore menacing. 

So, the roots of the performance are: 

– The attempt of transforming the others and life as we like.  

– The anxiety that breaks the breath.  

– The confusion about what we want and refuse.

– The independence and the need of love.

– The suspect, the mistrust, the influence that we want to use.  

– The rage, the control, the absurd need to eliminate any risk and mistake. 


Production 2004