Elsewhere Beyond the World

New Production 2022

Concept, Choreography, Direction, Lights: Patrizia Cavola – Ivan Truol

Dancers: Nicholas Baffoni, Valeria Loprieno, Cristina Meloro, Camilla Perugini,

Antonio Taurino

Original Music: Epsilon Indi

Costumes: Milena Corasaniti

Videomaking: Sergio De Vito

Organization: Elisa Chianella

Administration: Letizia Coppotelli

Press/Communication/Distribution Office: Theatron 2.0

Production: Atacama

With the contribution of: MIC Ministry of Culture, Lazio Region

Artistic Residence: La Scatola Dell’Arte

The choreography project questions what place there is for the human body in a world that increasingly moves the action plan to a light, fast, and immaterial ‘otherworld’, a digital copy of the world itself. 

On the one hand, there is the dimension of real life, presence, encounter, and relationship between people who have a body, a weight, and the ability of making physical contact through their senses and perceptions. 

On the other hand, there is the immaterial dimension, which is made possible through digital sharing and virtual connection. 

The image replaces the body. 

If an event is not recorded, captured and shared, it does not exist, and it leaves no trace. In order to ‘exist’, real life needs to be transferred into the digital copy of the world.

Social recognition of people and their actions is fulfilled by means of the publication of content to the ‘otherworld’. 

What happens to human beings and relationships in this scenario? 

We fix our gaze upon the solitude of human beings who have moved their social life to social media, transformed their meetings in videoconferences, and replaced their relationships with virtual friendships.  

Their condition for existing is exposing themselves by means of a made-up and false exposure, which drifts away from being and comes closer to appearance. 

This creation explores the relation between the dancers’ bodies on the scene and their projected image by using live cameras and virtual and video content. 

What happens on stage alongside of what happens on screen creates disconnection and disorientation and subverts logical parameters.  

Virtual content overpowers real human beings – the dancers on stage – and overturns their balance, equilibrium, and certainties.  

Furthermore, we want to explore the use of interactive media in relation to body and movement, by interacting with projections, and turning new technologies into a means of expressive research that pays attention to the innovation in language. 

As a development of the first study titled Sine Tactu, this creation explores the complexity of contemporary life in the light of the changes due to the unique and unexpected events that we are currently living through and the impact that they are having on human nature itself. 

It explores how they are going to change our way of being and living in the world, of entering or not entering into a relationship with other human beings. 


New Production 2022