Stolen Glance

A man inhabits a channel on his raft. A fugitive runs, passes over the gate and stops to breathe close to a wall. A woman’s song, as shaken by gusts of wind, interrupts him. The two men fight like animals that defend their territory. The woman lets herself fall down into the empty. Someone, below, receives her. They play so much that they hurt themselves. The boy meets his image reflected in the water. The raft slides on the river, guided by the man. The woman dances on board as if she was swimming under water. 

Direction and Choreography: Patrizia Cavola – Ivàn Truol 

Interpreters: Patrizia Cavola – Fernando Battista – Alessandra Grimaldi – IvànTruol 

Original music: Epsilon Indi

Scenes: Ferruccio Maierna – Ivàn Truol 

Lights: Danila Blasi

Costumes: Sara Capponi 

“Sguardo Rubato” was a creation designed for an open place in Bologna and expressly produced for the “Festival Danza Urbana”, the International Festival of Street Dance and Architecture in Bologna.  

“Sguardo Rubato” is inspired by a view of the Canale delle Moline channel, a secluded place, a refuge for solitary souls… escaping, along a river, under a bridge. The place itself suggested, thanks to its atmosphere, the nature of the characters who live there, as well as the search of dance’s quality. 

After the development of this first performance of urban dance, a second creation follows, destined to be staged in theatre, keeping the same setting as a source of inspiration.  

“Sguardo Rubato” is an dreamlike, visionary performance in which the communication takes place through images rather than narrative structure.  

The characters, like animals, make this place a home, a refuge, the arrival place after an escape. One arrives as a product of the dream of the other.  

As if they couldn’t go away, they live and are present at everything.  

Unsuccessful attempts to meet, fights, and loneliness.  

The fight for the territory, the violence against a woman and the group that becomes ferocious against the individual.  

Other themes of the work: The fall into emptiness, the flight, the plunge; to be reflected in the water, in the others, to support oneself, to swim, to float, and to sail.  


Production 1998