Sine Tactu

Production 2021

Concept, Choreography, Direction, Lights: Patrizia Cavola – Ivan Truol

Dancers: Nicholas Baffoni, Marco Cappa Spina, Valeria Loprieno, Cristina Meloro, Camilla Perugini

Original Music: Epsilon Indi

Costumes: Milena Corasaniti

Videomaking: Sergio De Vito

Organization: Elisa Chianella

Administration: Letizia Coppotelli

Press/Communication/Distribution Office: Theatron 2.0

Production: Atacama

With the contribution of: MIC Ministry of Culture, Lazio Region

Artistic Residence: La Scatola Dell’Arte

Sine Tactu choreographic project is the third step of a triptych inspired by Alejandro Jodorowski’s universe. The first step had been the creation of the show I float, I drown, I float; then, The Dance of Reality; finally, the completion is achieved with this new creation project. 

The main topic is the complexity of contemporary life, and the ancient and ancestral nature of humankind remaining present in our times. In particular, Sine Tactu explores the impact that the unique and unexpected events of our times are having on human nature itself. It explores how they are going to change our way of being and living in the world, of entering or not entering into a relationship with other human beings. When looking at humanity in contemporary times, the new pandemic emergency cannot be left aside, because it brought about uncertainty and disorientation for all of us, in connection with a feeling of losing control on our lives and our ability to plan, build, and make projects. All of a sudden, the existential model that we were following was no longer apt to grant our survival. 

How will the new rules imposing distancing, isolation, avoidance of contact, the impossibility and danger of ‘touching’, transform us and our feelings? Will it be forever or temporary? What repercussions will it have on artistic creation and dance practice? Dancing is made of body and contact, and of deep, intimate and trustful relationship. How can the body express itself in a habitat of danger, mistrust, and separation? And, above all, what place is there for the human body in a world that increasingly moves the action plan to a light, fast, and immaterial ‘otherworld’, a digital copy of the world itself? 

This creation aims at exploring the relation between the dancers’ bodies on the scene and their projected image by using live cameras and virtual and video content.


Production 2021