As a Child Abandoned in the Wardrobe Mirror by Valentina De Simone

She walks around it, nearly scared, a rag doll held close to her chest; insecure eyes probe the darkness, curious legs of a child do not cease to search. She approaches it to inspect its features, her gaze focused beyond that unlit rectangle in a blue frame. The wardrobe in Granny Faustina’s bedroom is a childhood fantasy that tickles adults, a light euphoria to experience in the rhythm of murmured but constant shouting. Little adults cross its boundary, to reach a dimension where they discover themselves for the first time, moment by moment, with no shyness.

Through an invisible mirror they play the game of being different: they wink at their features, grimace at their weaknesses; they tease the materiality of bodies that appears strong and vulnerable, tender and determined, participating in everything but irremediably alone. Atacama’s “As a Child Abandoned in the Wardrobe Mirror”, inspired by a novel by Daniel Pennac, is an epidermal confession which is intimate and insightful, a harmony of words and movements created by the accurate direction of Patrizia Cavola and Ivan Truol. The seven dancers/performers on stage have an eclectic quality of interpretation, an effective presence and gestures which are sensitive and incisive. They fall and get up, tremble with emotion, grope about, disoriented, in enlightening solos and group interactions, in physical and verbal intertwining, supported by the sensual music by Epsilon Indi. The body dictates the time and, free from useless constraints, decrees the direction of a wandering for self-searching. Functionalism of body parts and collective exhibitionism in an amusing lesson of comparative anatomy. Gestures and dynamics with emotions, and a dose of proverbial poetry that leaves us incredibly captivated.

Valentina De Simone (30)

Che Teatro Che Fa di Rodolfo Di Giammarco


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