I Float, I Drown, I Float by Alessia Fortuna

Strings of tiny white lights hang on the backdrop while, on the stage, small coloured lights form a ring, suggesting circular movements. The perception of space becomes limitless. Words enter unexpectedly and their task is to make explicit simultaneously two different ways of seeing things, of perceiving nature and life, the solution of which is probably the union that is implicit in the pure love relationship. The dancers let their bodies go, drowning and coming to the surface again.

Fundamental elements are cabaret, humour, laughter, which are considered by Jodorowsky necessary to exorcize our deepest fears. I Float, I Drown, I Float is a circle that opens with a quest and probably closes with a young bride’s rite of initiation.

At the end of the performance – which combines the elaboration of a dance giving rise to a physical poetry with the pictorial and visionary construction of images – spectators, as individuals in the widest sense, probably will stop floating, drowning, floating and will succeed in realizing a form of communication which allows them to reach a higher level of peace and consciousness.

Alessia Fortuna


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