I, Her, Me by Teatro & Spettacolo

The show was performed on September 23rd at the Florian Espace Theatre in Pescara, within the CORPOGRAFIE 2016 festival. The work is about inner search, a journey through feminine stereotypes where we can find ourselves again in our body and with our body.

Giada Marinucci described her emotions to Dansomanie as follows:

The interpreter Valeria Baresi outlines the image of a woman in search of herself and continuously evolving. The meaningful work is expressed by the protagonist’s body through a dynamic and sometimes rather hysterical dance, which is both lyrical and powerful.

During the show, she is able to describe feminine feelings with their contradictions, on a journey to discover her own inner landscape.

A woman with no countenance starts her performance with her face totally covered.

The scenery is non-existent, to let the sight focus on the dancer’s body. Moments of silence and movements paced by the rhythm of breath characterize the direction concept, in which the dancer slowly becomes aware of her identity, of her body and her fragility. From then on, her gestures write the musical score in mimicry, outlining a woman with a variety of feelings and weaknesses. Notwithstanding her confused and chaotic inner world, she is able to accept herself, yet without giving up on the desire to overcome her limits. The representation describes the feminine universe very clearly, perfectly simplifying the emotional sphere of every woman.

Teatro & Spettacolo

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