Migrants by Giacomo Piccoli

On a stage with no scenery, in the darkness of a symbolic night, a glimpse of exhausted bodies can be caught. They are probably adrift on a imaginary inflatable raft. Hopeful souls intersect, hoping to land on a supposedly safe shore. Desperate clandestines almost seem to be involved in an ancient and terrible propitiatory rite, including deaths and painful sacrifices, with visions of apocalyptic misfortune, to reach a promise land that will inevitably impose new exploitation, tribalism and vexation.

The mise en scène is very well conceived and derives from a wider topic, the political and social analysis that leads to a cultural anthropology study that sometimes risks to cover MIGRANTS’ most significant feature, which is a mainly choreographic and artistic staging that is very successful in terms of aesthetics and that, at the same time, highlights the expressive dramaturgy and the harmonious aspects of dance.

The wisdom of good choreography, directed by PATRIZIA CAVOLA, imposes itself, creating shapes that are real auteur paintings, rich in inventiveness and stylistic knowledge, almost telling us that the road to salvation goes through poetic lyricism, the mutual understanding through a non spoken language made of a flow of empathy and shared feelings. The skilfully created music (by EPSILON INDI) adds value to the stage with evocative vibrations. The dancers animate the scene by vibrating like celestial bodies, awakening from the torpor of indifference and turning everything into an enchanted place.

Giacomo Piccoli

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