You Mine

The Company

Atacama Company was founded in 1999 by the dancer and choreographer Patrizia Cavola and the choreographer, dancer and actor Iván Truol, who take care of the artistic direction. The Company is supported and recognized by the M.I.B.A.C.T. (Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities) and, since 2009, it has been based at La Scatola dell’Arte in Rome, training and production center under the artistic direction of the two choreographers. Productions signed by P. Cavola and I. Truol have been performed in numerous important theaters and international Festivals in Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France and Brazil.

Their research has focused on the construction of a physical theater, which is located in a multidisciplinary border area, where movement and dance, vocal expression, text, music – and whatever artistic form becomes necessary during creation – interact and integrate. They are interested in the blend of languages.

Patrizia Cavola and Ivan Truol accompany the choreographic creation with many dance training, dissemination and promotion projects. Since 2013, they have been curating the Dance Artistic Direction of the Tor Bella Monaca Theater in Rome.

In addition to producing the creations of the two founding choreographers of the company, Atacama, over the years, has supported the production of projects by other choreographers who are close by poetic and research path, and young authors who had often already participated in the artistic project of the company as dancers.

New production 2018

You Mine springs from the desire to focus on the Two again, on the relationship between a man and a woman, by plunging into the depths of the dynamics between them.

Being a man and being a woman, male and female, the meeting of genders, one completing the other, love, fusion, possession, control, and losing the limits of one’s Self. The degeneration of the relationship; competition and self- harm. Aggression, humiliation, the strongest destroys the weakest. Violence insinuates as a poison, leading to annihilation. Violence against the woman, femicide, gender violence.

La Scatola dell’Arte

La Scatola dell’Arte (literally, “The Art Box”) is a training and production center with the management and artistic direction of Patrizia Cavola and Ivan Truol, founding choreographers of the Atacama Company, which has a permanent artistic residency at the center.

It is a place dedicated to artistic training and in particular to the formation of contemporary dance and physical theater and to the knowledge and study of the body in all its possibilities.

It hosts research and artistic experimentation. It is a place of residences, production and support for the creation and testing of dance and theater companies. It hosts social and community dance and theater workshops. It is a performative space for openings to the public of creative residences, laboratories and jam sessions. The program combines regular and continuous courses with workshops and seminars.

Scheduled Events

27 November 2018 / Appuntamenti

Tu Mia – Sala Teatro Vittoria Marino (RM)

28/29 dicembre 2018, h 21:00 Sala Teatro Vittoria Marino (RM)
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27 November 2018 / Appuntamenti

Tu Mia – Teatro Tor Bella Monaca – Roma – TBM Danza _ Festival Internazionale Danza Contemporanea

14/15 dicembre 2018, h 21:00 16 dicembre 2018 h.17:30 Teatro Tor Bella Monaca    Roma
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26 November 2018 / Appuntamenti

Tu Mia – Opera Prima Teatro Latina

1 dicembre 2018, h 21:00 Opera Prima Teatro Latina Emergenze e Dintorno della Scena - XII Edizione in collaborazione con...
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